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Homeopathy is the gift of gracious God

Homeopathy - God gift is the gift of gracious God to the suffering mankind who always wishes to enrich the human living with the two most precious treasures, a peaceful mind and a healthy body. Homeopathy is not a mere system of medicine which is developed to set free the sick world. free the sick is a way of living which advocates to live close to the nature, free from diseases, to utilize this invaluable human life for the higher purposes Yoga and Meditation
The purpose behind yoga or meditation is to create a mental stillness or balance so that it can be employed for the higher purposes of this human existence.
of existence. In fact homoeopathy, a unique scientific art, had taken its origin in the dissatisfied mind of an allopathic physician Dr.Samuel Hahnemann M.D The reason for the discontentment of this conscientious and philanthropic man owes to the facts he experienced in his practice. (unfortunately the situation is the same in the medical practice even though there are researches and advancement). They are

  1. Inefficacy of the treatments to restoreRestore
    Mere removal of symptoms or normalizing an abnormal clinical parameter is not restoration or say, cure, as it is termed. In fact …..
    the health which the now diseased individual used to enjoy before the onset of his disease.
  2. Inability to furnish a permanent cure as the individuals are consulting him with the same
    disease again and again.
  3. If, by chance, this is not the case, the individual is consulting for a new
    disease not infrequently in a more complex form.

The untiring & zealous efforts of this glorious man to find a solution for these questions paved way to the formulation of a new system of medicine namely, Homeopathy, whose highest ideal of cure is rapid, gentle and permanent restoration of the health or removal of the disease in its whole extent in the shortest, most reliable and most harmless way.

Noble visions of "Health for all by 2000A.D or 2020A.D or ......" cannot be accomplished by those treatments which usually run in a vicious chain link of "disease run medicine run side effects run more complex disease run medicine run side effects run ....... "which often terminates with death of the innocent creature. Only run, which has got no side effects‚ if not in the near future, can achieve the vision of " Health for all " ultimately. For this to happen more and more people should become aware of this infallible homoeopathic healing art which is our humble mission behind launching this website.

How for are we healthy?
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Dr.Samuel Hahnemann M.D - Founder of Homeopathy
Dr.Samuel Hahnemann M.D - Founder of Homeopathy

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