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Innumerable and dissimilar ideas with respect to nature of diseases and their treatments sprang from many dissimilar brains and the theoretical views gave rise to the so called systems, each of which was at variance with the rest and self contradictory. Each of these clever explanations at first threw the user into amazement at the incomprehensible wisdom contained in it and attracted to it a group of followers who echoed the unnatural concepts.

There are systems such as allopathy, antipathy etc., which based themselves upon materialistic concepts. There are systems such as accupuncture, accupressure faith healing etc., which based themselves upon spiritual concepts. Both the kinds of systems failed to solve the mystery of natural diseases each being deficient in one of the two aspects, material, spiritual. Only homoeopathy considered both of them namely the spiritual & material aspects in unity and succeeded in curing the natural diseases. The genuine homoeopathic mode of cure is the only proper way, the only direct way, the only way possible to human skill as certainly as only one straight line can be drawn betwixt two given points.

ADHD - Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a psychological disorder of both children and adults characterized by inability to pay attention in their activities at school and at home associated with unusual hyperactivity in children as well as extreme restlessness manifested as inability to focus on the assignments or tasks and subsequent failure to accomplish them in college and in profession in adults. Basically it is a disorder of childhood which passes to adulthood unfortunately not being diagnosed in childhood. Frequently the inner restlessness and taciturnity in an adult with ADHD is misdiagnosed as depression. Not infrequently these individuals are appreciated and admired in the early stages for their unusual intelligence and brilliance.

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Allergy may be defined as hypersensitivity to some substances which do not normally cause a reaction. It is due to involvement of nervous system in complaints of other systems. Allergies may be of many varieties such as allergic coryza (cold), asthma, conjunctivitis, itchings, urticarial rashes.

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Allergic[Hay] Asthma

This is allergic kind of asthma the individual being allergic to pollen, animal hair, feathers, house dust and in some cases foods containing artificial colours, preservatives and ripening agents. Certain drugs most commonly aspirin, iodine etc. can be allergic to some individuals.

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The first mode of employing medicines in diseases is allopathy, which works on the principle “diseases are cured in an individual by producing a different suffering”. These sufferings have no pathological relation whatsoever, to what is actually diseased in the body and the medicines attack the parts most exempt and free from the diseases in order to draw away the disease through them.

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Anaemia is turning out to be most prevalent threat to mankind. Anaemia may be arising from two causes mainly (1) Bleeding which occurs in vomiting, coughing, urination, piles, menses or other uterine bleedings and (2) deficient formation or excessive destruction of red blood cells.

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The second method of treatment is “antipathy” which works on the principle “diseases are cured by medicines which produce an opposite suffering”. The secret of success behind this method is that physicians usually gain the confidence of the patient by deluding him with momentary amelioration (relief). Had there not been such a palliative relief, this medical system would have faced extinction many centuries ago on account of its mischievous consequences. It is only one of the modes of treatment, along with homoeopathy, adopted by conventional physicians that had any manifest relation to a portion of sufferings caused by natural disease, but of the opposite kind which ought to be. Antipathy is a kind of treatment whose results are very much short-lived and hence must be totally avoided if we were not to delude and make a mockery of the patient affected with a chronic disease. Treating an ankylosing spondylitis patient by pain-killers and a crohn’s individual with anti-diarrhoeals one-sidedly ignoring the accessory symptoms as well as advancing undercurrent grievous pathology is nothing but making mockery of the poor patient as Hahnemann aptly commented.

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Asthma is one of the most frequently diagnosed conditions but not usually in its proper sense. Frequently it is “dyspnoea” meaning "breathlessness" or "difficulty of respiration". Asthma in its true sense is a respiratory disorder, whereas dyspnoea may arise from various conditions such as cardiac, renal, flatulent, nervous etc. The causation, symptoms and curability according to a broader classification is 1.Bronchial 2.Cardiac 3.Renal 4.Flattulent and 5.Nervous or Hysterical asthma

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Bronchial Asthma

This is the true asthma, in the sense, the basis of suffering and symptoms being in respiratory tract. This is further sub-divided into

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Cardiac Asthma

Though the presenting symptom is dyspnoea, the root cause lies in some heart disorder mainly the left heart failure. The patient is pale, sweating, distressed and feels breathless on lying, which gets relieved in sitting or standing posture (orthopnoea). There will be enlargement of heart with associated high blood pressure or left ventricular myocardial infarction. One of the earliest symptoms is dyspnoea felt on exertion and while ascending steps.

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Blood donation

Many people believe that there is no harm in donating blood and some advance further to say that it is beneficial as the lost blood will be replaced by fresh blood in the body. This is a false notion as it amounts to loss of vital fluids.

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Civilization & Expression of diseases

However much we may boast about latest advancements and civilization, it is turning out to be a curse to mankind particularly when the physical and mental health conditions are concerned. When probed into deeply, the core point behind civilization seems to be denying mental as well as physical expression.

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Concept of Inheritance

As per homoeopathy every disease trait is hereditary. By saying so, for example diabetes is hereditary, many people wonder that they are the first persons to suffer from it in their family tree, then how can it be termed hereditary. While wondering so, they are missing a simple point that any hereditary complaint should start in one generation and later it inherits to next generation.

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Now-a-days counselling has become a crazy affair with increasing awareness and incidence of psychological troubles. One should note that mere counselling does not serve the purpose and not infrequently futile in cases of true psychiatric disordersDisorders
Most of the other systems of medicine view mental diseases as an independent entity without any relation with the other physical ailments.

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Relaxation of musculature - Hernias, Prolapsus and Dislocations

Relaxation of muscles, ligaments and tendons has become a growing concern resulting in hernias like inguinal, femoral, incisional, umbilical, hiatus etc.; prolapsus like prolapse of uterus, rectum, urinary bladder and piles etc.; dislocation like shoulder, ankle and jaw etc. These are conditions which ultimately lead to surgery with every possibility of recurrence in the same part or even in a more important part, as the tendencyTendency
Homoeopathic mode of cure is the only proper way, the only direct way, the only way possible to human skill as certainly as only one straight line can be drawn betwixt two given points.
to relaxation of musculature in that constitution cannot be removed through surgery which owes its background to some deep seated conditions like cancers, tuberculosis etc in the family tree.

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With increasing incidence of obesity and related problems, world over, maintaining fitness has become a matter of concern. But the point here is what is a healthy exercise? we need to know the thin difference between a healthy exercise and an exertion.

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The fourth and last mode of treatment is Homoeopathy in which medicines are employed on the principle “diseases are cured by medicines which are capable enough of producing similar sufferings as those of the disease to be cured”.

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Humid Asthma

This can also be termed mucous asthma as the dyspnoea is felt on account of accumulation of mucous in the respiratory passages featuring exhausting productive cough in contrast to dry cough of typical spasmodic asthma particularly on exposure to dry or damp cold air, getting wet and occasionally from getting overheated. These individuals are usually relieved by expectorating sputum which is usually stringy and ropy in nature.

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Hypertension is one of the rapidly escalating scourges to mankind. It is one of the diseases in the treatment of which the virtue of homoeopathy can be clearly established when compared to other systems of medicine.

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Hypothyroidism is a condition which arises from deficient secretion of thyroid hormones resulting in lowered basal metabolism.

The symptom picture of hypothyroidism can be best explained by the sluggishness of almost all functions, a result of lowered metabolism. They are lowered appetite or hunger, indigestion and constipation from sluggish intestinal motility and digestion; undue sleepiness day and night from sluggish circulation to brain; delayed menses; sluggish mental and physical activity manifesting as heaviness and tiredness with aversion to work; sluggish burning of fat resulting in weight gain and obesity; sluggish activity of skin expressed in the form of dry skin and hair owing to deficient sweating; depressed sexual functioning etc. There may be associated swelling of thyroid gland i.e. goitre.

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Hysterical Asthma

The individuals who are nervous, sensitive in nature suffer from dyspnoea without wheezing or cough and which usually subsides when the patient thinks that he is not observed or when he converses with others and during sleep.

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As far as homoeopathy is concerned infertility is dealt with under two categories. They are 1) functional causes and 2) structural causes

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The third mode of employing medicines in diseases is “Isopathy”, as it is called, that is to say, “a method of curing a given disease by the same contagious principle that produces it”. Those who first brought Isopathy to notice, probably thought of the benefit which mankind received from cow pox (which is the result of inoculation of smallpox virus into a cow) vaccination by which the vaccinated individual is protected against future small pox infection and as it were cured in advance. But the point here is both cow pox and small pox are only similar and in no way the same disease. Their curing in advance should be attributed to underlying principle of Homoeopathy and none other that. Superficially isopathy and homoeopathy seem to be alike but the subtle difference between them is isopathy endeavours to cure a disease by the same contagious principle whereas homoeopathy cures by producing a similar disease [not the one which exactly causes the disease]. The flaw in the concept of Isopathy can be brought out with the example of vaccination.

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Most of the other systems of medicine consider leucorrhoea to be a common phenomenon and nothing serious until it reaches its zenith or with a worrying structural change such as cervical erosion, genital prolapse, cervical cancer etc.,.

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Loss of fluids & their consequences

Loss of fluids is considered when there is
  • 1.   Excessive loss of blood (during menses, blood donation & other modes of bleeding)
  • 2.   Prolonged lactation and escape of milk from breasts.
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Obesity is a rapidly growing concern all over the world with rise in incidence of obesity related disorders such as diabetes, heart problems etc.,. Before going to the causation and treatment of obesity, fundamentally we need to know about the tendencies relating to obesity. Some people have tendency to obesity and some others tendency to be lean. Those who have got tendency to obesity, being susceptible, easily become obese by the causative factors given below.

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Sciatica is an inflammation of sciatic nerve usually marked by pain and tenderness along the course of nerve in the thigh and leg. If it happens to be occasioning from pressure over the nerve roots where it comes out from spinal column on account of injury, infection or degenerative changes resulting in disc bulge or even disc prolapse in the advanced stages manifests as sudden immobilizing pain.

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Sexual Diseases

Homoeopathy shows its pre-eminence and outclasses almost all the other systems of medicine in the field of sexual diseases.

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Skin diseases

Most of the other systems of medicine reckon skin diseases as purely local and existing there independently without any relation whatsoever with the interior of the body. As per homoeopathy, which considers man as a single indivisible entity, disease (when left to its own course or when treated unhomoeopathically) progresses from

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Spasmodic Asthma

This is the asthma proper in its strict sense with narrowing of trachea, bronchi etc. on account of spasmodic constriction giving forth to symptoms like paroxysmal dyspnoea observed usually in the early hours of morning, the patient waking up with tightness of chest, wheezing as well as dry, spasmodic cough. Most asthmatics are sensitive, intelligent and of dynamic personality and attacks are preceded by anxiety, frustration, over work, fatigue and sleeplessness.

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This is one of the most frequently met conditions in children and a little less in adults. When classified grossly it occurs as 3 varieties (1) Simple tonsillitis (2) Ulcerative tonsillitis and (3) Suppurative tonsillitis.

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Tooth Decay

In most of the cases of dental decay, extraction of teeth happens to be the frequent choice of treatment. The reason they show for this decision is that the decaying process may spread from the affected tooth to the adjacent teeth. The corelessness of this assumption can be easily understood by two simple queries.

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Uterine Bleeding

Uterine bleeding of different varieties with varying causes has reached to an alarming degree in the recent decades. It is observed, as menorrhagia(=excessive menstrual bleeding), metrorrhagia(=intermenstrual irregular bleeding) and polymenorrhoea(=too frequent menses), under two conditions. They are:

1. Those conditions with Organic Causes
2. Those without any organic lesion such as Dysfunctional Uterine Bleeding (DUB)

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Vaccination is a preventive treatment, particularly in infectious diseases, based on the concept of isopathy. The principle governing the concept of vaccination is stimulating immune response i.e., production of antibodies by the use of an infectious agent either the inactivated (non-infective) or attenuated (with reduced infectivity) forms of the disease-causing organisms, thus preventing the disease. But a simple point which is passed unnoticed not infrequently is that how can an attenuated or inactivated organism stimulate the immune system of the body for the production of antibodies. The reason behind this is that there is something active and still infectious which is potent enough to produce the disease as well as to arouse the immune reaction which is why the antibodies are produced. This fact can be corroborated by a not infrequent observation of appearance of fever and other reactions on administration of some vaccines. The advocators of vaccine theory may argue in favour of it that there is effective prevention of infectious diseases through vaccination. But the point here is that there is definite infection of individual with the disease which is not manifesting actively in the form of signs and symptoms. There are such symptomless disease conditions familiar to medical people as for example “incubation period” which is a phase between infection and active manifestation of the disease.

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Water therapy

Many people believe that drinking much water is good for health. Many believe that it relieves the constipation problem, that it dissolves the kidney stones, that it cleanses the system from impurities. These are all faulty notions as for instance, constipation always do not arise from less intake of waterThere is nothing of medicinal value in water to relieve constipation. For those people in whom it relieves constipation is nothing but conditioned reflex as for example there are many people who do not fall sleep without drinking milk, many people feel hungry after brushing teeth in the morning. Likewise kidney stones do not form from less intake of water, without a Stone forming tendencyStone forming tendency
The tendencies of an individual towards some diseases are to be decided from the family history
as part of their constitution. For the same reason we do not observe formation of stones in all those people who are habitually less water drinking individuals and the vice versa in whom we observe stones who take large quantities of water habitually..

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Yoga and Meditation

Basically Yoga & Meditation were not developed to maintain good physique or improve health or mental peace or some other earthly benefit. The purpose behind yoga or meditation is to create a mental stillness or balance so that it can be employed for the higher purposes of this human existence.

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We Expertise in Curing

  1. Acidity
  2. Anxiety neurosis
  3. Arthritis
  4. Asthma
  5. Cholesterol disturbances
  6. Dental troubles
  7. Depressive disorders
  8. Diabetes
  9. Epilepsy (fits)
  10. Facial paralysis
  11. Glaucoma
  12. Hypertension
  13. IBS (Irritable bowel syndrome)
  14. Kidney/gall stones
  15. Memory disorders (Alzheimer’s)
  16. Menses disorders
  17. Migraine headaches
  18. Nervous troubles
  19. Osteoarthritis
  20. Ovarian/uterine cysts
  21. Personality disorders
  22. Phobias
  23. Piles (bleeding/non-bleeding)
  24. Polyps
  25. Psoriasis
  26. Rashes over skin
  27. Respiratory infections
  28. Rheumatism
  29. Ring worm
  30. Sciatica
  31. Schizophrenia
  32. Sexual disorders
  33. Sexual perversions
  34. Sinusitis
  35. Spondylitis
  36. Thyroid troubles
  37. Tumours
  38. Tonsillitis
  39. Ulcers
  40. Urinary infections
  41. Vitiligo/LeucodermaLeucoderma
    Most of the other systems of medicine reckon skin diseases as purely local and existing there independently without any relation whatsoever with the interior of the body.
  42. White discharge

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