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Consult Doctor

Consultant Physicians:

  • Dr. M. Murali Ashok BHMS.,
  • Dr. M.N. Sarada BHMS.,

Dr.Murali and Dr.Sarada are now set to extend their services of genuine homoeopathy globally. The patients, where ever they are, can consult them through different modes. Being practitioners of research oriented attitude, they prefer to take up challenging cases, particularly of chronic nature, and furnish miraculous cures which is the one of the salient features of genuine homoeopathy. They have got a special inclination to cases of psychological disorders and by the curing of which the superiority of the homoeopathy can be established authentically.

Modes of Consultation:

  1. Face-to-face: can consult at the below given address with a prior appointment on phone.
    Multi-Speciality Homoeo Clinic,
    23/1480, Beside Lane of Nalanda Apts.,
    Tekkemitta, NELLORE-524001
  2. Through phone: can consult through phone by calling the number 0861-2321923.
    When out of station, You can call to mobile no. 09848095431
    Best preferred timings:
    Morning: 9am-10am (IST) & Evening: 5.30pm-6.30pm (IST)
  3. Through E-mail

CASE SHEET form (This is PDF file which can be saved to your PC)
NOTE: Please go through the case sheet form and get prepared to answer the details before consulting Dr.

About Consultation:

This will be done in phases
  1. Primary consultation (5-10 min.) in which the patient can consult the doctor on phone to discuss the admissibility of case (which is decided basing on curability of disease and feasibility to deal it online)
  2. Secondary consultation (60-90 min.) to take up the case in detail which comprises family history, past history and present complaints of the patient.
  3. Follow-up consultations (10-15 min.) to review the progress of cure, when once the treatment had started, periodically in 2, 3 or 4 weeks interval depending on the case.

Pre-requisites for consultation :

Primary consultation
The patient should be ready with the previous case records and investigation reports and be prepared to furnish the required information about the case.

Secondary Consultation
The patient should be ready with the pre-gathered information, to save much valuable time, regarding their family history, childhood past history in a chronological order along with the well-thought particulars of their present complaints from head to toe basing on the case sheet form attached.

Follow-up consultations
The patient should be prepared with already maintained record regarding the changes in health, intermediate complaints and medicines used in the period, so that the review can be done at a brisk pace.

Regarding medication:

The patient will be furnished with a medical kit initially containing medicines of frequent use for colds, fevers, diarrhoea, pains etc., generally and also particularly related to their complaints with numbers over them. The dose, repetition and interval will be upon physician’s advice basing on the complaint at that time. This is to reduce the unnecessary interference of other medicines as far as possible when the patient is under homoeopathy treatment so that the process of curing proceeds undisturbed. But in case of urgency or non availability of doctor the patient need not hesitate to use the conventional medicines.
Main dose which is given periodically in 1½-3 months span and the regular dose which should be used daily, usually, will be sent through courier.

About consultation fee:

It will be on quarterly, half yearly or annual basis, depending on the diseases, and will be decided on consultation as it varies from case to case basing on the depth of the disease, combination of ailments etc.,.

Old Articles

We Expertise in Curing

  1. Acidity
  2. Anxiety neurosis
  3. Arthritis
  4. Asthma
  5. Cholesterol disturbances
  6. Dental troubles
  7. Depressive disorders
  8. Diabetes
  9. Epilepsy (fits)
  10. Facial paralysis
  11. Glaucoma
  12. Hypertension
  13. IBS (Irritable bowel syndrome)
  14. Kidney/gall stones
  15. Memory disorders (Alzheimer’s)
  16. Menses disorders
  17. Migraine headaches
  18. Nervous troubles
  19. Osteoarthritis
  20. Ovarian/uterine cysts
  21. Personality disorders
  22. Phobias
  23. Piles (bleeding/non-bleeding)
  24. Polyps
  25. Psoriasis
  26. Rashes over skin
  27. Respiratory infections
  28. Rheumatism
  29. Ring worm
  30. Sciatica
  31. Schizophrenia
  32. Sexual disorders
  33. Sexual perversions
  34. Sinusitis
  35. Spondylitis
  36. Thyroid troubles
  37. Tumours
  38. Tonsillitis
  39. Ulcers
  40. Urinary infections
  41. Vitiligo/leucoderma
  42. White discharge
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