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This website is mainly intended to educate the academics, researchers and professionals as well as to create an awareness in the common public regarding scientific homoeopathy. We have put our sincere efforts to bring homoeopathy more close to the homoeopathy fraternity by breaking the nutshell.

Being a content based website, it contains a lot of explanation of homoeopathic principles as well as homoeopathic outlook on various medical conditions. But the content posted here in principles, articles, miracles, FAQ’s etc is not intended or no way a substitute for consultation of a legitimate homoeopathic physician. The information placed here is to give a general guideline to the user. Hence the patients or users of this website should correlate the information clinically, with their personal physician.

Homoeopathy being an art, we make no warranty or bear no responsibility what so ever with respect to any treatments or action undertaken by any individual basing on the information gathered from or through this site.

As said by Dr. Hahnemann “Physicians are my brethren. I have nothing against them personally. The medical art is my subject”. We have nothing against other schools of medicine and their practitioners personally as long as they are in consonance with nature which homoeopathy strongly advocates. In fact Dr. Hahnemann himself gave ample preference to almost every system of medicine viz. allopathy, antipathy, naturopathy, physiotherapy, mesmerism etc., provided they are in agreement with the homoeopathic principles.

As far as surgery is concerned to which, we are no way against, we welcome as well as suggest it in cases of mechanical hindrances which should be removed surgically and is always an inevitable choice of treatment.

Despite our sincere efforts in dealing each and every case we can neither guarantee any miraculous cure nor claim to cure each and every case. Neither the website nor the physicians take responsibility for any presumed complications.

It is deemed that the user had gone through and agreed to this disclaimer when one uses the content on this site as well as the option of online treatment.

And lastly “to err is human and to rectify it is divine”. So we humbly invite your objections as far as the content is concerned through an e-mail or phone so that we can take necessary action to modify it in case of faulty expression of our thought.

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