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Homoeopathy is a complete system of medicine which has got wide range of treatments for all kinds of diseases, psychological as well as physical. It covers the so called surgical diseases such as cancers, kidney stones, nasal polyps, hernias, uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts etc. Homoeopathy offers quality treatment for such conditions which do not cover under a distinct diagnosis as for example dislocation of shoulder, frequent falling of children while playing after they started walking, late milestones viz. Late talking (above 1year), walking (above 1year), dentition (beyond 7-8 months) and menarrche in girls (beyond 15th year)etc.,. As far as psychological complaints are concerned unusual anger, anxiety, sadness, phobias, OCD’s can be treated with perfection. Any sort of infections such as sinusitis, tonsillitis, bronchitis etc. can be cured, without the minimum necessity of antibiotics, permanently. Neuralgia’s like migraine, sciatica etc. can be treated with precision.
No, absolutely not. Some people have false notions regarding this aspect that they have become obese, thin, fair, dark etc., the reason for which lies in some other factor and can be traced out if probed with sufficient penetration into their circumstances. One can feel assured as far as this aspect is concerned as homoeopathy drugs are given in so minute quantities that they are practically incapable of producing any side effects what so ever.
No. It is a misconception deeply rooted in general public. Had it been the case they would have left many cases of appendicular, renal and gastric colics in grave. But it depends on the pace and stage of disease as well as the constitutional vigour.Read More
It depends upon the case before us. There may be some situations which force us to use the both at a time. But as a matter of fact genuine homoeopathy advises against such use as for example in a sequence of skin disease ⇔ diarrhea ⇔ T.B., when a patient approaches for homoeopathy treatment at the diarrhoea stage while using conventional medicines. The conventional treatments tend to take the case to T.B. by suppressing diarrhoea and homoeopathy treatments tend to take the case towards skin complaint which are diametrically opposing to each other. From this example we can easily understand that the diametrically opposing modes of treatments tend to cancel each other and fail to give any benefit what so ever to the patient which he wishes to gain by resorting to homoeopathy. So even in those exceptional cases which force us to use the both, the ultimate aim of a physician will be to reduce the conventional drugging by tapering method and stop those drugging completely on one day or the other. This will be the line of thinking in genuine homoeopathy.
Yes, there are differences in practical aspects though it is same in theory. One of the most fundamental principles of homoeopathy is that the medicine should be single, simple and similar. In practice now-a-days it is going on the diametrically opposite way. People are using homoeopathic drugs in combinations and mixtures, whose pure effects are not known, which is against the basic principles laid down by the founder Dr. Samuel Hahnemann. Being combinations they are not single; being complex mixtures they are not simple and needless to say they are not similar. Such a malpractice which is against the principles of homoeopathy is nothing superior to allopathy and in fact inferior to allopathy in one aspect i.e., the bad effects they produce in human body on using them is unknown. This is the sole reason we are striving to take the concept of genuine homoeopathy to the common public.
Yes, when the energy contained in the medicine is taken into consideration they are far more sufficient and efficacious than the large doses given in conventional treatments. The principle followed by Dr.Hahnemann in converting the mass into energy was later popularised by the renowned scientist Einstein in his theory of relativity. The only difference is that Dr. Hahnemann’s concept can be used only in a constructive manner for the welfare of mankind whereas Einstein’s concept was later used for destruction of mankind.
Yes, they are safe. As a matter of fact it is the best period to be under homoeopathy treatment because both the mother and child’s health standards can be enhanced simultaneously. The mother’s complaints during pregnancy such as vomiting, dropsy, diabetes, hypertension etc. can be mitigated as well as post delivery conditions such as breast milk can be improved. Along with these we can better the child’s health intra natally so that the new born can healthily withstand the external conditions after birth.
As per the laws of homoeopathy it is not correct. People generally use peppered milk to cough, sore throat etc.; turmeric and other herbal pastes as face creams to decrease pimples which is against the principles of homoeopathy.
Yes, in fact it is the best period to undergo homoeopathy treatment, why because the diseases will be in the nascent stages of their progression and so amenable to treatments. The unique benefit of homoeopathy comes into role as many serious and deep seated chronic diseases can be prevented by treating and curing the present complaints such as bed wetting, recurrent colds, tonsilar infection etc.,. It can be used even in infants, the only problem is being the lack of expression of their suffering in words, which can be overcome by acute observation of their parents. One of the best advantages is that we can avoid the suppression of skin complaintsSkin complaints
Skin is the most safest part and so complaints appearing over it are indubitably safe when compared to ….
which further lead to other internal complaints.
According to homoeopathy,prevention should be thought of when there is a likelihood of getting attacked with a disease. Basing on this principle it has got effective treatments for prevention especially, the epidemics. Since the time of Dr. Hahnemann, who used preventives to the epidemics like cholera, whooping cough, influenza etc., until today, where many epidemics like chikun gunya, Japanese encephalitis etc., homoeopathy drugs were used effectively to prevent their spread.
As far as chronic diseases are concerned, homoeopathic treatment used at any stage of life and at any stage of disease can effectively preventionPrevention
Prevention of diseases is one of the exclusive assets of homoeopathy in its strict sense without any side-effects.
the forth coming serious disorders and complications.
On account of the misbelief in general public that homoeopathy drugs are slow to act, consultation for acute troubles is less. As a matter of fact, in acute diseases it is as serviceable as in chronic diseases. It is competent enough to deal the cases of jaundice, typhoid, pneumonia etc. It is highly efficacious to avoid surgery in cases of appendicitis, strangulated hernia etc. Its efficiency in dealing infections like sinusitis, tonsillitis, urinary and genital tract infections, permanently is really creditable. It is the only system which gives the benefit of shielding the individual from getting affected by chronic diseases while treating acute diseases and curing them completely leaving no chance to advance towards chronic diseases.
As meditation or yoga involves liberation of spiritual energy during their practice, one should not practice them while they are under homoeopathy treatment. The reason is that the homoeopathy medicines, being in energy form, there may be an incompatibility between these two energy forms, namely spiritual and medicinal energies, which may obstruct the process of cure.
Dr.Samuel Hahnemann M.D - Founder of Homeopathy

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